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Meet Hannah, Professional Pet Trainer and Behavior Consultant


Hi, I'm Hannah. I have been providing practical, balanced and effective pet  

  training and behavior modification services to Greater Los Angeles since    

   2010. I do not subscribe shticks, dogmatic methods, or ideologies often  

    encountered in the realm of pet training. I recommend people

     "work with the animal in front of them". Every dog, cat, bird, etc is   

     different, which means the training should be approached differently -

     even for the same issues.

     The first step is figure out where you are now,

     "stop the bleeding" on any out of control,

     destructive or dangerous behaviors

    ASAP, then get some training exercises

   started that will provide alternate

  behaviors to the problem ones.



I have experience with basic and advanced training, pulling and reactivity

on leash, training for handling including physical exams, nail trims, teeth

and ear cleaning, off leash training and recall, puppy and kitten socialization,

selecting the right pet for your household, potty training, play biting/scratching,

fear biting/scratching, attention seeking behaviors, restlessness and boredom,

species specific enrichment, feather plucking, excessive vocalization, grabbing/stealing items, resource guarding, furniture scratching and chewing, litter box issues, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, fear, phobia, reactivity and aggression, crate training, and tricks.


I am a big fan of Classical Conditioning, using all 4 quadrants of Operant   

  Conditioning (with a big focus on positive reinforcement!) and like to 

   emphasize and help implement good prevention and management systems.   

    Behavioral issues with cats and dogs are like wildfires - much easier to 

    extinguish when they have just begun, or better yet, take some simple

    steps to prevent them from happening in the first place.

  Set up a quick phone consult HERE to get the process started!

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